Friday, January 9, 2015

How a Skilled New York Birth Injury Attorney Proves Fault in a Case

Cerebral palsy’s hardships vary depending on the severity. On a general standpoint, however, patients with milder cases report feelings of continuous pain, likening it to the feeling of having boa constrictors squeezing the bones to dust; worse, the patient has to endure this for a lifetime. Cerebral palsy can be caused by neglect, either intentionally or unintentionally— and that’s why an esteemed New York birth injury attorney fights. Still, how is fault proven in such a case? For one, doctors aren’t robots and they can make mistakes while delivering a child—i.e. improper administration of a drug, failure to actively monitor vital statistics, or failure to respond appropriately to situations. This is what the plaintiff (filer of the lawsuit) must prove, aside from the fact that the doctor has established a valid physician-patient relationship and that there’s a duty of care owed.

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