Sunday, March 8, 2015

Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer: When Worker’s Comp is Not Enough

When filing claims for a construction accident, the tiniest details matter. Right after a slip or fall, for instance, you have to notify the owner of the premises or an authority (e.g. the owner of the building, your contractor, the city or town, etc.) immediately. You have to note down the names of the witnesses, the circumstances surrounding the accident. Pictures of the scene, which smartphones have made much easier, may also serve as part of your evidence. If you got hurt, you have to seek medical treatment immediately. Go to your doctor, or ask anyone around to take you to the emergency room or an urgent care clinic. Explain in detail to the health professional attending you how the accident happened since your medical records can be used by insurance companies in studying your case. If you’re required to file a report, make sure the details are accurate there, too, since inconsistencies can be used against you.

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