Thursday, May 7, 2015

Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyer: When Can You Sue in a No-Fault State?

In a city of about 8.5 million people (a national population already in some countries), it’s easy to have overcrowding problems. The traffic situation in New York City, particularly in its major districts, are world-known, and it has become a concern, especially since it’s making car accidents more common and costlier these days. In fact, the advocacy group Transportation Alternatives found that car crashes take out about $4 billion from the city’s economy. That’s roughly 1% of its Gross City Product. The accidents bring a multitude of hefty costs, including medical expenses, repairs for property damages, and emergency services. The victims can sustain minor injuries or suffer disabling injuries, end up in a critical condition, and even die right after the car accident. The total costs of property damage and personal injury for each person can easily go up to tens of thousands or even millions.

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