Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cerebral Palsy: Was Your Doctor at Fault?

Human nature makes us reluctant to admit our own mistakes. Unfortunately, this also happens during labor and delivery. When things go wrong at this time, your child may develop cerebral palsy or other birth injuries. Whether it’s because doctors assume that the symptoms are not significant, hope that things can be reversed, or the baby recovers, the fact that a mistake can’t be corrected by another mistake remains to be true.

While some of the predisposing factors of cerebral palsy begin shortly after conception or fetal development, the number of cases caused by medical malpractice and negligence is also significant. Seeing your child grow up suffering from cerebral palsy is upsetting, but knowing that this condition is preventable can make you feel even worse. A birth injury lawyer helps in determining if the condition was truly preventable. In filing for a case against it, your child can get enough compensation for treatment and therapy.

How to Know if Cerebral Palsy was Preventable

• The baby required resuscitation, was delivered via emergency cesarean section, or with a vacuum or forceps.

• The child had seizures or heart problems during labor and delivery.

• The baby had an extended stay in the neonatal intensive unit.

• You were given oxygen inhalation or intravenous fluid and was turned on your side during labor.

Recall your labor and delivery experience. If these things happened or if the cause of your child’s cerebral palsy is unknown, it is likely that your doctor is at fault. The condition doesn’t only affect the child’s life but the whole family as well. It can be devastating emotionally, psychologically, and financially. By talking to a birth injury lawyer, you give your child a chance to make life better. If there’s a way to do it, you have to correct a mistake.

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