Sunday, November 2, 2014

NY Medical Malpractice Lawyer Says "No" to Medical Litigation Caps

Many Long Island medical malpractice lawyers like Joseph Lichtenstein have handled countless medical malpractice cases over the years, most resulting in millions in awards. Despite the huge payouts, cases in general don't always get you a million dollars richer. Damages are determined by various factors; the severity of the damage inflicted is just scratching the surface. The $47 million Lichtenstein won for his client eight years ago? It involved a child suffering from brain damage after doctors failed to resuscitate him after entering cardiac arrest. When you put the terms "child," "brain damage," and "cardiac arrest" in one case, you know it's really bad. The details of the case may even provide insight as to its eight-digit payout. Whether you deserve thousands or millions, a professional NY medical malpractice lawyer only desires you receive just compensation.

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