Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bronx Birth Injury Lawyers Can Hold Those Liable for Bad HIE Treatment

Birth injuries and the damages they bring are compelling, yet perfectly preventable. As it turns out, they’re also curable—provided the doctors know where to look.Unfortunately, the medical staff which tended to a Pennsylvania-based mother and her baby haven’t been knowledgeable enough. The mother was presented to the nearest medical facility for contractions, which were later found to be excessive—a condition known as tachystole. Despite her situation, the staff administered her with Pitocin, a drug used to induce contractions. Continued augmentation of Pitocin was apparent even though the mother is already experiencing much more contractions than normal. Hours passed and the baby’s heartrate slowed, and there was also hypoxia (oxygen deprivation). These situations required a C-section delivery done promptly, but the staff failed to do so.

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