Friday, April 10, 2015

Seek Recompense for Cerebral Palsy with New York Birth Injury Lawyers

Cerebral palsy is a debilitating condition, and, if related to a birth injury, is also one of the most common conditions dealt with by experienced New York birth injury lawyers. What’s heartbreaking is that the condition is widespread: about one in every 278 U.S. children have some type of the disease, with 30% of patients having seizure disorders, as well. On top of it all, proper care of a cerebral palsy patient may require about $6 million or even more for the individual’s entire lifetime. That’s a legitimate reason why the family of an eight-year-old girl fought for rightful compensation from the hospital that treated the mother, subsequently settling for a $2.82 million settlement. The lawsuit which the family filed was levied on the grounds that the mother experienced a relatively problem-free pregnancy until near its end, when she was admitted to the hospital after suffering from four days of unusual bleeding.

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