Thursday, April 16, 2015

NYC Medical Malpractice Lawyers Can Evaluate Your Claim’s Chances

Doctors or other healthcare providers are not always as careful as they have to be. When this happens, lasting injuries and harm could happen to a patient. Filing a medical malpractice claim, however, is not a clear-cut method. Like all court cases, your case may fail. This is why you’ll want experienced NYC medical malpractice lawyers like those from The Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein to evaluate your case and determine if it has merit.

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  1. There are several reasons to consider medical malpractice attorneys in our society and my Mother's case is not all that unusual. About two years ago, her coronary heart valve was severely broken during what was to have been a schedule pacemaker lead extraction. Typically the only way to repair the torn valve was open heart surgery, which caused several additional center related problems that she did not have before. In fact, she leaped ten miles a day before the heart surgery crash and was in excellent health. NYC medical malpractice attorney